General toilet symbols

The toilet symbols used on the site are based on those in ISO 7001:1990 Graphical symbols for use on public information signs.

  • Male toilet icon Male toilet
  • Female toilet icon Female toilet
  • Male and female toilet, or unisex toilet icon Male and female toilets, or unisex toilet
  • Caravan dump point icon Caravan dump point

Accessibility details

  • Accessibility features icon Accessibility features available
  • Male toilet icon Male toilet, with accessibility features
  •  Female toilet icon Female toilet, with accessibility features
  • Male and female toilet, or unisex toilet icon Male and female toilet, or unisex toilet, with accessibility features
  • MLAK icon MLAK lock fitted
  • Accessible parking available icon Accessible parking available - disabled parking is available near the toilet
  • Left Hand Transfer icon Left Hand Transfer - indicates a left hand transfer from a wheelchair onto the toilet pan
  • Right Hand Transfer icon Right Hand Transfer - indicates a right hand transfer from a wheelchair onto the toilet pan
  • Adult Change icon Adult Change facility available
  • Changing Places icon Changing Places facility available
  • Ambulant icon Ambulant facility - specifically designed for people with ambulant disabilities (such as people with arthritis or those that use a walking frame)

These symbols describe the location or provider of the toilet:

  • Airport icon Airport
  • Bus station icon Bus station
  • Camping ground icon Camping ground
  • Caravan park icon Caravan park
  • Food outlet icon Food outlet
  • Parking station icon Parking station
  • Park or reserve icon Park or reserve
  • Service station icon Service station
  • Shopping centre icon Shopping centre
  • Sporting facility icon Sporting facility
  • Train station icon Train station

There are also some additional general symbols:

  • Access limited icon Access limited - a permit may be required to enter the area, or the facility may only be available to certain people (eg if you have rented the facility)
  • Payment required icon Payment required
  • Key required icon Key required - a key may be required to access the toilet (at all times or certain times)
  • Parking available icon Parking available - parking is available near the toilet

Toilet features

  • Baby change facility icon Baby change facility available
  • Baby Care Room icon Baby Care Room available
  • Showers available icon Showers available
  • Drinking water icon Water is suitable for drinking
  • Sharps disposal icon Sharps disposal unit fitted
  • Sanitary disposal bin icon Sanitary disposal bin provided