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You can select the type of toilet and facilities you need on the Prefs tab.

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Select the type of toilet and other facilities you need. Use the List tab to check facilities for each toilet.

Map displays nearby toilets. Move the map to find more toilets and use Prefs to search for specific toilets and facilities.

List shows the toilet details with a link to get directions. Tap on a toilet to see more information.

Find toilets nearby or enter a locality or point of interest within Australia. Choose 'on foot' or 'in a car' to find toilets at a suitable distance. Choose 'open now' or 'open 24 hours' to show toilets based on their opening hours or deselect both to show all toilets.

Prefs lets you select the toilet facilities that meet your needs. Toilets will be matched based on your preferences but sometimes all preferences cannot be met across all toilets.

  • Male and female or unisex toilet with accessiblity pin Male and female toilet, or unisex toilet, with accessibilty features.
  • Female accessible toilet pin Female toilet with accessibilty features.
  • Male accessible toilet pin Male toilet with accessibilty features.
  • Dump point pin Caravan dump point.
  • Male and female or unisex toilet pin Male and female toilet, or unisex toilet.
  • Female toilet pin Female toilet.
  • Maletoilet pin Male toilet.